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Flash Drives

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Custom Flash Drives (monogrammed).


Questions: What criteria do people use for decision making? Price alone? What form factor seems most durable? Do students really need 4GB drives, or is 1GB enough (if you can still find them that small)?




I have seen good prices at datamem.com, but they are the "removable top" kind. I would much prefer the swivel form factor.





We bought individually customized flash drives for the 5th and 6th grade in Newbury from Pexagon Technology  (http://www.pexagontech.com/)

They have held up pretty well.  One side has the school name and the other has the student's name.  Very helpful.


I've used PromoLocker:
PromoLocker Newsletter: Custom Flash Drives as low as $4.15


We like Trailblazer Promotions and high quality branded Samsung flash drives. They seem to be much more reliable for data storage over the long term. http://www.ktsinc.com/6709.htm 

Caleb Clark, Marlboro College Graduate School


In the past we've used  http://www.cfgear.com/   We paid approx. $7 for custom 2GB swivel drives w/ custom icon.  Other options that were available: preloaded files and password protection.  Great service, great quality drives.

Neil Daub
IT Assistant
Rutland Central Supervisory Union

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